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This week, I decided to go out on the streets and find a girl rather than pay a girl that I know to get naked. I was spending more money on one girl to get naked than it would have cost me to get enough crackheads naked for the whole month. When most of you are driving in your neighborhood, and see those crackheads walking around, you see street trash, thieves, lowlifes, etc.... When I see a crackhead walking around, I see MONEY walking on two legs!! I can make money on every single last one of them and that makes me feel good. Plus when I pay a hoe 20-30 dollars, shop at the neighborhood liquor store, purchase weed from the local drug dealer, I know that I have done my part to give back to the local black economy.

This is why I was determined to find some ass for 30 dollars or less on the streets. I didn't care how cold and rainy it was. If you have money to spend, there's ALWAYS someone who wants to make some money. You just have to work to find the connection between buyer and seller.  I went out to my hunting strip and saw Boo Boo walking up the street. I got her in the car and she said that she would take pictures, but first, she wanted me to stop at this house so that she could buy her crack. I didn't want to stay in that hot ass neighborhood and I tried to convince her to take the pictures and then she could do what she wanted. She insisted so I had to wait like five minutes. While I was waiting, I saw Bus Stop Stella walking by. She was a hot little piece of ass for a street hoe. I think I'll pick her up again for a blowjob.

Once me and Boo Boo got back to the Budoir, she packed her pipe and smoked away. It used to make me nervous seeing a girl getting high but since I've seen it so much while running this website, watching a girl smoke a crack pipe is like watching somebody smoke a cigarette.

While I was taking the pictures of her, I had her get into the doggystyle position. Then that familiar funky pussy smell hit my nostrils like a punch in the face from Lenox Lewis! I had almost forgotten what it was like to smell a rank pussy like that but I was reminded instantly. I didn't even put my hands on that pussy to spread it out wide like I usually do. I made her do it. Luckily for the members, there isn't a way to duplicate the smell on the internet to go along with the pictures. Maybe in 10-20 years, the technology will be available. After the photoshoot, she said, "I gotta go home and take a bath". I said "No Shit?"

Boo Boo went to the same high school that I did and she is younger than me. However, she has had a hard life and it looks like the world will be chewing her up and spitting her out within 10 years. It doesn't matter though. There are girls in junior high school right now who will grow up to be the next street hoes by the time that happens. And I'll be right there to make my money off of them..

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