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This girl is 22 years old and is only 4'11" tall and weighs in at 95 pounds...It's another girl who I would NEVER have met if it wasn't for the stupidity of my babymomma, who got a Domestic Violence charge trumped up on me (a case I beat by the way).

I was in court one morning for an early hearing on my case and while I was coming out of the police station, I met TeeTee while she was going inside of the police station to to to her case from driving with a suspended license....We were instantly attracted to each other and we exchanged numbers. I talked to her on the phone for awhile and then we lost contact...Then while I was in Florida for the porn convention this past August, she calls me on my cell phone. We agree to finally hook up with each other when I return because we were feeling each other..

Once I get back, we start hooking up and I started banging her. She has the tightest little pussy you would have ever seen and she's so lightweight, that you can twist her and turn her anyway you want when you're fucking her. She also likes to say shit while we're fucking like "get it daddy" and that kind of shit turns me on...We then discuss taking some pictures of her and doing some videos of her and she tells me that she's down for anything and sucks dick and all of that. 

This past Saturday, we hook up to do a little video before we go out to the bar and party...She took her clothes off, spread her pussy for me and all of that, but once she got to sucking dick, I realized that she didn't know what in the fuck she was doing...She didn't know how to use her tongue or anything...I asked her how in hell does she have a tongue ring, where she likes to flash it by sticking her tongue out by talking and she can't even suck dick good, and the answer that she gave me was "Fashion".

So since the camera was running, I continued to let her give me the lame head and it wasn't even turning me on too much.....I was massaging my testicles for four straight days in anticipation of busting a nice load on her face and she can't even suck dick!! She tried to suck the balls and it may "look" like she's doing something, but I have to train her how to use that tongue under my ballsac like I like it....So I decide to go ahead and have her sit on my dick and shit....but that pussy and asshole was so tight, I busted a nut almost as soon as my dick got to it, I busted a big nut right between her ass cheeks.

We had discussed being with each other regularly but I told her that if she doesn't learn how to suck my dick the right way, that we can't be together like that. There isn't any way I'll be with a woman like that. So I'll be bringing her over again and I'll teach her on video...Plus I'll probably just put the videocamera on the tripod so that y'all can watch how I bang this little chick.

I'll see y'all next time with more pussy..

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