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Lawd Have Mercy! I had a GOOD time filming this scene...Some of y'all may remember this girl, "Bother Me Bonita" before. I took some pictures of her once and I also shot a blowjob scene with her...So when she called me the other day wanting to make some money, I was hesitant because I didn't feel like pulling my penis out of my pants to fuck anybody that day.  In fact, I wanted to shoot a lesbian scene between this girl and another girl on this site but that fell through. So since it was her birthday and all, she really needed the money so that she could go buy her some hair and a new outfit for her birthday and since she doesn't have a man around to help out, I was her last chance to get some money...

But since I call this girl "Bother Me Bonita", she knows how to bother the FUCK out of somebody.  This girl has been calling me for months on end trying to hook up and I kept putting her off because I got a ton of other girls that I've met that I have to get up on this website also...In fact, I shot three different women in two days recently and y'all are gonna LOVE what I'll be putting up within the next few weeks on here....But anyway, Bonita was bothering the shit out of me and she told me that her birthday was tomorrow and she needed to get her hair done and get an outfit and she didn't know what she was going to do unless I came through and this and that so I just said fuck it. I needed to shoot a scene anyway.

When I get over to her house, we sit downstairs and smoke and drink and she starts talking to me about what was going on in her life.  I'll give this girl some credit....She can TALK...She even stopped talking and asked me, "Am I talking too much?" and I said no.  Even if the girl really is talking too much, (which she wasn't), you still tell her that she isn't and just keep listening. The more a woman talks, the more she trusts you and likes you...She even told me how easy it was for her to talk to me and she was really glad that I came over to see her.

Then we discussed what we were going to do in the video and I told her that I didn't feel like fucking so all she would be doing is rubbing some babyoil on her body and masturbate on camera while I jack off and then have her suck my balls in the end so that I could bust a good nut...I had no plans on fucking on this day...So when I get over there and she gets her clothes off, I am holding the camera in one hand and my dick in the other hand. I have my vaseline and I'm greasing my dick up right while she's rubbing herself down with babyoil.  So then she starts begging me to fuck her by saying, "Please fuck me daddy" and "Please let me suck your dick daddy" and shit like that....Now that got a nigga HARD...You'll hear all of this in the video in the members section...So I decide to go ahead and sample some of that sweet young lonely pussy and LAWD did it taste GOOD! 

I slid up in that fat black pussy and it felt like sliding your dick in a big bucket of warm Chitlins. GotDamn if that pussy didn't feel like heaven....I'm getting a hard on just writing this shit...And this girl will suck your dick in a heart beat and will kick those legs in the air and let you get as deep in her pussy as you want....I fucked her for awhile and she was moaning and grabbing on me and shit and telling me how great my dick felt to her and how much she needed some dick in her life...And we actually had some real passionate sex going on....But then after she said that she wanted to ride me, I couldn't hold on any longer and I had to bust a nut.....

After I bust my nut, I'm ready to get up and go but as y'all will see in the video, she BEGGED me not to leave her....She BEGGED me to stick my wonderful chocolate magic stick back up in her and let her get what she needed so badly...But since I paid for that sex, when I'm done, I'M DONE!....She invited me to come back later on that night because she wanted to fuck some more and I now have an open invitation to come over there when I want and get some of that sweet 21 year old pussy...I'm telling you, I had this woman TURNED ON! And I really think it's due to this Judo I'm now taking...Ever since I started it, somehow my testosterone level has risen and I'm getting women falling in love with me left and right lately....Damn I can't wait to put this one 25 year old girl I met the other day with a BADOONKA DUNK ass....And she is loving a nigga too. But I won't put her up for awhile..

So Click Here To Join to see this video of two fat niggas fuckin....I'll have to say this...When you're up in some pussy and grinding that pussy and think you're beating the pussy up and the girl is loving the dick and all that, once you look at the video tape, all it looked like was a fat nigga laying up on top of a fat girl and wiggling in unison. But y'all will see even a fat nigga like me has some moves in him when it's fucking that pussy and y'all will see why she fell in love with this dick after you see it. 

And what's great is that I met HER MAMA the next day and I'll have her up next week showing off her beautiful smooth phat 50 year old ass off in this same bed that this weeks girl is on. Shit...I'm gonna have to fuck her mama on the low low. 

See y'al next week with more black pussy....And also, check out my audio talkshow blog at

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