Bomb Head Bonnie

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Have you ever noticed that it's easier to find something when you're not looking for it? And when you ARE looking for a particular thing, it's hard as hell to find it? Well, that's how it works with me and finding women out on the street. Whenever I'm not looking for a female, that's when they're all out on the streets with their asses hanging out. And when I really need to find some action, the streets are bare like a ghost town. 

This is how I found this week's girl, "Bomb Head Bonnie". I found her on a street where I usually don't even see any girls walking. Plus the fact that it was two in the morning on a weekday. I forgot exactly where I was coming from and why I was out at 2 am but it must have been a good reason. But when I saw this woman and her big juicy ass bouncing down the street, I HAD to turn the car around and see what was up with her. Can you believe that this woman is in her forties? As you can see, she has ass for days. She looked too clean and was dressed too conservatively to be a hard core crackhead so when I stopped, I didn't even think that she was on coke. I got her in the car and she smelled just like any other normal middle aged woman with a banging body. I figured that she was on hard times or something and just needed a little extra money to get some milk for a child or something. Boy was I wrong!

I got her in the car and I started with the sales pitch of getting her naked for the camera. At first, she was very hesitant to do it and at first she said no. But once I get a girl in the car, unless she explicitly tells me to stop the car and let her out, I'm going to start driving her towards my house while I'm talking to her. She doesn't tell me to stop and I can also tell that she REALLY needed the $20 that I offered her. That's when I found out that she really was a crackhead. She's not a stereotypical crackhead that you see who looks raggedy and is homeless. This woman is just a regular woman with a husband and a family who just happened to get caught up in it. It's too bad really. But when you put it in perspective, you have to ask yourself how many big booty sexy older ladies are going to get naked for a nigga who they just met at 2 in the morning? Mainly, it's a crackhead. 

I brought her back to the OASIS to start the photoshoot. I got the usual wide open juicy ass pink pussy pictures and pictures of  that tight bootyhole that is surrounded by all of that ass meat. She was kind of concerned about her husband seeing her pictures on the internet but I don't really give a damn. Once you have her consent, you can do whatever the fuck you want with her pictures. As usual, members will see all of her that she has to give. 

After we took the pictures, she took the $20 that I gave her and said that she would be right back. Little did I know that I have a private crack dealer that lives around the corner from me and she was going to walk over there and spend her money. I didn't think that she was going to come back but she did. By the time she had gotten back to my place, she had already smoked up the $20 and was thinking of ways to get more cash. She then says that she has to go to the bathroom. She then comes back out BUTT NAKED and is expecting me to fuck her. By now, it is past 3 am and even though I would have loved to bang this chick, I wasn't up to it. So I had to disappoint her and tell her that she wasn't about to get any of this dick. But since I'm a nice man, I relented and let her give me a nice blowjob for an extra $10. And I mean she can suck dick like a pro. You know that she gives good head when she's making you feel good WHILE YOU GOT A CONDOM ON!! Now that's some good ass head. You wouldn't even have known that you had a condom on because her mouth felt so good! 

Once I ejaculated, you know that it's time for her to get the hell out. One thing I know is that you can NEVER satisfy a crackhead. She'll bother you and bother you for more and more coke and it never ends! Plus, they can never sit still for any length of time. They're constantly wanting to be busy and doing something. I can't stand that shit. The bad thing is that her husband doesn't even know that his wife is strung out! I don't know how this is possible but that's what she told me. He's kissing on that woman when she done had everybody's dick in her mouth! 

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