"Blade" friendly female drinks nut from my dick!

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Y'all are going to get some free pictures this week because a girl, NOT the girl you see above, was acting an ass and basically wasted 20 of my hard earned dollars....and the thing is that I've shot this girl before years ago....And she didn't even remember it!....This is really odd because I've known this girl since she was a baby.....When I shot her a few years ago, she was friendly, and shot some great pictures, along with sucking a nice dick....But this time she was useless...My total budget for the day was 30 dollars and she kept 20 of it....I'm not going to fight with a crackhead in my van in the parking lot of a local gym so I told her to get out and I looked around with the remaining 10 still in my hand.....I'm also going to just post the six bullshit pictures she took....But she's still in my members area getting it in from back in the day...Here Are The Pics:

I drove around awhile and luckily for all of us, I saw "Blade" walking down the street.....I knew it was meant to be because there were no cops or even other cars around, so I just made a left and hollared at her before she hit the next corner....Then turned at that corner and she made haste to get in my van. As soon as she got in the car, I didn't want to offer her just 10 so I offered her 20 and she was cool with it....I tried to park at the local athletic field park but I saw two cops parked there talking....We drove and drove and I finally found a spot parked somewhere that I can't remember and we got down to business....She was easy to get along with and she loved to suck dick. 

She took the pictures and I got some upclose pictures of her asshole and her wide open clean black pussy.....After that, she sucked my dick nice and swallowed every drop of my semen....I wish I could've given her more money but I had the water bill, gas bill, and electric bill to pay this week, along with valentines day, so I didn't have it. 

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