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For the record, don't even start on me about the R. Kelly stamp because I have this girl's proof of age on file.  I just like the young looking girls like R. Kelly and the majority of the men that are alive right now, even though they might not admit it. But from now on, every time I'm able to get a young tender girl on here, you'll know that it's Grade A Young pussy if you see the R. Kelly stamp....

I was finally able to get "Money" over to give her a good fucking. She called me just in time because I was horny and I was about to call last week's girl, "TastyT" to give me a blowjob on video, so I'll have to get TastyT another time.....

Anyway, when Money called me, she told me that she was no longer living with her girlfriend who has also been on this site named "Ashy Tasha". Money said that she got in a big argument with her girlfriend because she didn't like the fact that Money was making her money by fucking these older dudes around here for money....Therefore, she was calling me from the Comfort Inn, where she was staying for the past few days with some 37 year old dude....I'm sure that the dude doesn't live at the hotel. He's probably just renting it for Money in return for some of that young sugary sweet pussy she has on her....I'm not mad at him though. I just can't deal with these girls for longer than a few hours before I get tired of the whole scene. See, the thing with these girls is that they're fun to hang around with. But the girls need so much Alcohol, Weed, and Coke in their systems that there is no way I would want to spend such an enormous amount of money to keep them around....For instance, Money told me that she was up for the past two days doing coke and partying....Man, that lifestyle leads to nothing but major drama in your life....Nothing is wrong with kickin it but you gotta know when to have fun and when to make money and these girls only make enough money with these old men to go out and buy more alcohol and drugs....The last time I shot a scene with this girl, she took some of her money and bought a pint of Hennessey Cognac. That shit cost 14 dollars! I can get a whole LITER (the one bigger than the fifth) of E&J VSOP for that price and it gets me just as fucked up. But she says that she only drinks Hennessey and that means that the niggas she fucks with has to buy that shit. I'm not the one. When these girls come to my house, they drink what I drink or they drink nothing.  

So I got her back to the house and we got our buzz on as usual. She had a cute red and white outfit and she looked so cute in those tight red jeans. She has those shapely legs where you have the hamstring hump on the back of the leg. I LOVE that!...She didn't drink anything since she said she was drinking Hennessey all day and she was already pretty fucked up. So we just smoked a blunt and then I got naked and turned on the camera. I was loving seeing her tender young ass getting up out of those clothes and I was ready to FUCK....I don't even have to tell her to suck on the dick because that shit is automatic so I just sat down on the couch, spread my legs, and had her go to work slurping on my dick. After I was hard, I dug up in those sweet young guts with my dick....Umm Umm, there's no feeling like running up in some young slim sweet pussy....And y'all people can lie to yourselves all y'all want. If you're an old man, you know damn well that you would want to poke some young ghetto pussy if you could....So think about how I felt when my fat thirty something ass was up in her....The young girls are a sweet treat and she is definitely worthy of the R Kelly stamp of approval. From now on, if you see that stamp on one of my girls, you know it's ON! 

Call me a pervert all you want. But as long as I keep it Legal, I'm going to be hunting and fucking these young girls all day long man...The young ones are the HARDEST ones to get on this site because you only have a three year window to catch one of them before they aren't worthy of the stamp anymore and just become regular young tenders. Once a girl is like 23, the young shit is over with. Last week's girl, "TastyT" is fully grown at 24 years old and after a having some kids, the true beauty of a woman's hips and breasts can be seen in her. You wont' see all that in these young girls. They look good as hell but they're still growing....I think the thrill of fucking a young girl is partly based on fucking her MIND as well as her body. As I said before, a woman really doesn't even have any common sense until she's at least 25 years old anyway. These young girls don't have a fucking clue and they're spreading their legs for bargain basement prices. You can whisper almost any kind of bullshit in a young girls ear while you're fucking her and she'll suck that shit up like a sponge....Y'all know how it goes. Sometimes when then pussy gets so good to you, you'll say some shit to her that's straight bullshit but you're so hot, you actually believe the crap that's coming out of your own mouth. And if you can spout BS and you believe it yourself, imagine the power of your salespitch to that woman who you're fucking and who is equally hot and equally susceptible to believe what you're telling her..

I know I was saying some shit to her while I was fucking her that I wouldn't say now and I'm writing this story before I even edited the video that I shot so I hope that it wasn't loud enough to be heard on camera. But I'll find out in a minute once I plug my video camera into the video editing machine.....I just know that the immediate influence of pussy is POWERFUL and will have you where you're not in your right mind and doing and saying shit that you normally wouldn't be doing. This is Especially true with the young pussy. 

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If the Lord is willing, I'll see y'all next week with some more black vagina to look at. 

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