black lucky bitch gets 50 dollars

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I call this woman the Lucky Bastard because I wasn't even looking for her.  She was just able to make a quick $50 by being in the right place at the right time.....I went to an apartment looking for another girl that I took pictures of on this site named Butta Butt because I was looking to get a blowjob and Butta Butt told me that is where I could find her sometimes...

Well when I knocked on the door, Lucky Bastard opened the door and as soon as she saw me, she had a big smile on her face. I asked her if Butta Butt was available and she said that she wasn't there right now but she wanted to know how she could help me...I pulled out a business card and said that I have done business with Butta Butt before and I was coming to shoot a video. She asked me what kind of video I was going to shoot and I said a blowjob video. Then I said that since Butta Butt wasn't home, would it be possible if she gave me the blowjob on video instead and she said cool.  I went back to my car to get my camera and when I got back, we had to wait in the living room for a few minutes because the owner of the apartment had one of her tricks back in the bedroom and we had to wait until they were done.

A few minutes later, the other girl came out with her trick and he went on outside. This is how insecure old men who are tricks are. Even though I was in the living room with Lucky Bastard, the dude still thought that I was there to see his girl. I know this because she said it when she came back in the apartment and she had to set him straight and say "I don't know that man".......After that, Lucky Bastard asked the girl if she could use her room and it would be "worth her while". The girl said "Oh Yeah?" and she said "YEAAAHH!" and we then went back to the bedroom. But first, the girl had to come with us to the room and get the food that she and her trick were eating off of the ironing board....Then the two women went outside the room and talked for a second and then Lucky Bastard came in and asked if I could pay the woman for the use of her room. I asked how much and she said that ten dollars would do.  I kicked her the ten spot and she closed the door and let us handle our business.

It was kind of dark in the room so I had to shoot the video with the camera light on and with the light blasting in her face but I didn't care. She was getting paid to do a job and a little light in the eyes can't hurt anybody...Also with the lighting being so dark in the room, I had to make the video extremely close up so most of what you will see is my dick with the rest of her face filling in the screen.....

Even though I had just finished having sex the night before, I was still able to bust a nice nut which she gobbled up....Now that my girlfriend lives with me, I'll probably be using this woman's apartment more for my shoots. I can't beat ten dollars a shoot. It's cheaper than a short time fuck motel....Plus it's right up the street from me and the woman is always home so I now have a new spot to take the hoes. I know that I said that I'm about to stop shooting my own dick so much in these videos but my girlfriend is concerned that she is slowing my money up by restricting what I do for this porn business. She's so understanding! That's why I love her so. These girls that I get naked and have suck my dick is nothing but business. My girlfriend doesn't complain because she wants to go get a new outfit every weekend at the mall. She's getting used to the comfort that she is living in and she wants to continue living in comfort so she did the smart thing and learned early on to stay out of my business and let me handle it while she handles the buying of clothes and shoes and makeup. She has a new found love for Mary Kay and she can't get enough of it. She's even been brought on as a local Mary Kay model and if everything goes well, she'll start being in the catalogues. Some lady who saw her asked her if she could come model makeup for the woman at her shows and she's the District Sales Director for this area. I don't know how that shit happened. 

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