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I was supposed to put this fat black girl up today but she told me at the last fucking minute that she was on her period...I was supposed to hook up with her at 1 p.m. today and when I call, she doesn't answer the phone..Then she calls me at five and that's long after I shot this blowjob scene....So she just missed out on some money and she has to wait until next week...In fact, she might have to wait two weeks because Hot Crotch is supposed to bring over one of her big booty friends next Thursday. 

Luckily for me, 38 year old Hot Crotch called me and said that she had a girl for me to use...I would have taken some pictures of her but y'all demand this online video more and more and I'm gonna give it to you.....Anyway, I told Crotch that I didn't want to take pictures of the girl today but I wanted her to do a little dick sucking video and she agreed. Why wouldn't she? She made more money by doing the video than she would have made in referral fees for bringing me her friend...

I bring her over and the more that soft wet mouth sucked on my schlong, the harder it got. She even sucked the balls a little bit. I'm gonna make sure to shave my balls again since the hair is growing back and I don't want to choke a female with a public hair....But her mouth felt SO GOOD that I could barely hold on and I busted my nut a little quicker than I wanted to....And did she spit any of that sperm out? Hell no. She drank and swallowed every drop of my sperm. Now that's what I call customer service!! 

After she was done, I rewarded her with a triple shot of some E&J VSOP Brandy and put it in an empty Red Bull Can...Hot Crotch has a lot of female friends that like to get down so I think I've just struck an oil mine of bitches that will soon be on this website naked and sucking dick one after the other.

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