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Wassup y'all...You might remember Gigi from awhile back when I took some pictures of her..Well I got her to come over with one of her girlfriends and do a little "Licky Licky" on camera...If you can't tell, "Choklat" is the dark one..She was kind of nervous the whole time but since Gigi is a "Dom", she can get girls do do what she wants them to do.

So they came over and we got our drink and smoke on and it was time to get freaky. You'll see how she was licking that pussy real good. Then all of a sudden, Choklat just got up and went upstairs..I guess she was just too scared to carry it through....It's all good though because I still got a nice long videoclip for the members to look at.

I'll see you people after the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm going out of town to see my kids so I have to make this update brief..

Happy Thanksgiving!


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