Autumn Asian Eyes

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Some of y'all that have been with this website for awhile would already know that I LOVE the big girls. Especially the big girls with phat asses, a cute face, and the icing on the cake, SEXY SLANTED EYES. I go crazy over girls with slanted eyes. The way that I met this girl is proof that you must use persistence and patience to get the good shit.

I mentioned this girl a couple of weeks ago. She's only 18 years old but she turns 19 next month (November 2002). I met this girl while I was out eating at a local buffet with my family. The way the Buffet restaurants are around here, is that you better keep the fried chicken stocked because the niggas and the white folks are going to bring their fat asses in there and eat everything in sight. Sunday afternoons are heavy days. I even saw this fat white dude who was eating his food so fast, he started to choke on his food and one of his family members had to actually do the Heimlich maneuver on him. After his food was dislodged, he sat back down and kept eating.

Anyway, since you get your own food in the buffets, the "waitresses" there can only clear the tables, bring you new plates, silverware, and drinks and ice cream because the restaurant won't let the customers get near the soda or the ice cream machines themselves. That means that these waitresses hardly get tipped any money, so they have to live off of the meager hourly wage that they are paid. Autumn was our waitress. She had a smile on her face, gave good service, and was a hard worker. She was very professional and had a good attitude. I also noticed her big phat ass in those work pants. I kept staring at her while I was eating to see if I could tell if she would be down for the cause. She didn't give off any signals at all or show any interest in getting with me.

After we were finished eating, I called her over to the table, wrapped one of my business cards in a $10 bill, and told her to call me if she wanted to make some extra money. Since my wife was with me, I know that I looked like a legitimate businessman to her. She told me that she wouldn't want to get naked but she would think about it. I was disappointed by what she said, especially since I already gave her the money with the business card. I told her if she ever changed her mind, to call me.

Well, low and behold, five months later, I'm standing in my living room smoking a cigarette and talking to one of my female friends who is over my house. There is a marijuana drought in my part of town and we're sitting there trying to get high off of liquor and Newports. All of our weed connects don't have shit, AND THIS GIRL CALLS ME! She said that she has changed her mind and that she wants to come over and take some pictures...She also said that one of her 18 year old 6foot tall sexy young friends wants to get naked too! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told her that we would set something up and then I asked her if she knew where any weed was. And then, she told me that she was sitting with somebody who could sell me some SKUNK! I knew an angel was looking down on me then. She then comes by my house with this sexy outfit on showing all of her legs and shit with the skunk weed and meets my female friend that is already there. My female friend named Tracie says that she wants to get to know Autumn better and that I should set it up. How lucky can a nigga get in one day! Two thick sexy bi-curious females in my bed with me!! Oh the glory! Now remember, I haven't seen this girl for 5 months and she's just now calling me. I never expected anything but a business relationship from this woman. I had no idea what was about to happen next.

That very same night, (a Saturday night) I was supposed to take some pictures of another female. Then Autumn calls me and says that she wants to bring her girlfriend over to meet me. They get over there, and we decide to smoke the blunt on the way to a nightclub. I dance with this girl until 5 in the morning and I'm exhausted by the end of the night. On the way home, she tells me that she just wants to take a hot shower and relax and she asked me if she could. I couldn't say no could I?

After we dropped her friend off (on the other fucking side of town), we get back to my crib and we both take some hot showers. Then I packed my Ganja Pipe with some good herb and poured some liquor. It's been obvious for hours that she wanted to fuck me and after she got high again, she let it all go. This young tender honie fucked the hell out of an old man like me. This girl can kiss good, she's affectionate, her pussy is juicy and sturdy, and she moans for you like you're really laying the pipe on her. That helps boost a niggas ego when a woman moans loudly. When we were finished, she was even polite enough to ask me "Did you like that Leon? How was it for you?". I answered "Yes, I like it. In fact, it was quite satisfactory". How many 18 year old girls do you know that cares enough to make sure that you're satisfied?

Plus she said that she could cook real good and a good home cooked meal is more important to me than sex to me. Sex can be gotten anywhere. But it's hard to find a woman who is willing to fry you up some chicken. I know my babymomma didn't do it that often and still doesn't.

I was going to put an apron on this woman and put her in the kitchen but GOT DAMMIT, she's about to leave for Pittsburgh to go to a community college later on this month. It's hard to find a girl her age that you can really relate to. Most of the young hoodrats I meet aren't good for anything but taking some pictures, giving a blowjob, or fuckin. As far as conversation goes, those bitches are useless. I don't have prison and dope dealing stories to share with those thug hoes and I don't ever plan on it either.

But with this girl, we clicked instantly. I know that I could talk to this girl about anything and she would keep an open mind about the shit. When I told her that my other friend Tracie wanted to get with her, she was openminded enough to have a get together with all three of us this weekend. I'm fuckin both of them and I don't have to hide it from either one. We can all get along happily. I LOVE THAT! I just wish that my babymomma would let me bring one of my women over to see her. Things would go a LOT better. I even with that my babymomma could find another woman to start dating herself. Then we could all lay up in my Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, smoke weed, and get our fuck on.

Of course I got the WIDE OPEN ASSHOLE AND PUSSY SHOTS. These are some of the best pictures I've taken in my career as a pornographer. My photography skills are starting to rival that of some of the top professionals in this game. Just check it out for yourself.

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