Ashy Tasha

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Now this is a sexy black thang right here!  And thanks to one of the phone date chatlines, I was able to meet her. The thing is that this girl is the neighbor of a girl that I met on the line. After I went to visit the other girl, Tasha was there also since she lives upstairs. They live in a bad neighborhood that I used to rent a room in so I know what kind of shit goes on over there.

Since we wanted to smoke some Ganja, we sent Tasha around the corner so she could get me a couple of sacks...We smoked and eventually I told The girl I met, Tasha, and another girl that was there what I did and I passed all three of them one of my business cards and let them know that they could get paid to take some naked pictures for me. Tasha's friend was cool but y'all know how it is. It's really hard to find somebody that you REALLY get along with and want to get to know better. Since I meet so many girls, I'm really picky about who I would want to be with and I'm still looking for someone that I would want to get with on the regular.

Tasha has two kids but now she is gay so she doesn't really mess with men anymore....Plus she wears a lot of baggy clothes and tries to smash down her breasts with a sports bra like a lot of "butch" gay girls do but even through all of those clothes, I could tell that Tasha had a nice body under those clothes. But since I was there to meet her neighbor and not Tasha, it wouldn't have been right to show interest in Tasha.

Luckily, Tasha called me a few days later and said that she would be interested in taking some pictures and I was all for it because I really wanted to see Tasha's naked body. So awhile later, I went back over their house to pick her up and bring her back to my place for some pictures.....We sent Tasha back around the corner to buy me $50 worth of Ganja and then we went back to my house along with the girl that I originally met..I have no problem with a girl's friend wanting to come make sure everything was okay because neither of these girls knew me and of course a girl would be scared to come over a strange man's house because you never know what may happen..

We get back to my house and roll up a nice fat ass blunt to get started, plus we drank some Canadian Whiskey called "Hardwood Canadian"...If you don't want to spend a lot of money, go to the liquor store and ask for this liquor and you won't be disappointed. At only $9.50 for a Liter of liquor, it can't be beat....After we got our buzz on, it was time for Tasha to get naked.

I love dark skinned girls but dark skinned people MUST put some lotion on their body or else it will look ashy. I don't know why in the fuck Tasha left out of the house without slapping some babyoil on her ass but it was too late then. Plus I ran out of babyoil at my house since I like to masturbate a lot so I had to shoot her without lotion. Even still, Tasha has a banging body with some beautiful soft titties and a nice round firm ass...Even though Tasha is Gay, she said that she hasn't stopped messing with men totally so maybe one day, I can get her to give me a nice blowjob on video. She has two children so I know she knows how to get her fuck on. But for now, I just got some nice shots of her body and her wide open asshole and pussy.

Members will be impressed with her superb body and I hope that y'all enjoy the pictures....Maybe next update, I will come out with another video but you never know what will happen since there are a lot of girls calling me that are on the waiting list. Just stay tuned next time and see what I give you...

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