Alcoholic Annie

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Yes, I know that I took the past week off. But Hell, it was CHRISTMAS! Even a pornographer like me deserves to take a little holiday here and there. But don't even think that Black Vagina Finder is falling off because I'm far from it. The year 2002 was a successful year and let's hope that 2003 will be even more successful. I hope that any of y'all who are undecided purchasers of my girls will see that I am here for the long term and I want to be YOUR pussy provider this year. 

Anyway, I met this 33 year old woman, "Alcoholic Annie", while she was walking to one of the corner stores in the hood to buy her some beer. She said that she has been drinking all day and she was getting something else to drink. She was dressed nicely and she isn't a crackhead or anything. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and she was down with making some extra money. It turns out that I used to talk to one of her sisters 10 years ago. She has three other sisters who look just like her. All of them have big asses and big milky titties like Annie does. 

Annie says that she can't keep a boyfriend because she likes to hang out in the bars and in the after-hours joints too much for a man to be able to stand. She said that her men used to have to come up in the bar and pull her out of there. She's an admitted alcoholic and she loves to drink until she's stumbling and throwing up all over the place. At least she's honest with who she is and that will help her keep her self esteem high. I don't know all of the details of this woman's life but she seems to have it together. She wears nice clothes, keeps her nails done, and is gainfully employed. That's more than you can say about a lot of the girls I meet around here. 

She has some beautiful titties and a nice ass on her. Her pussy was so wet and muthafucking juicy that I almost buried my face in it. But ain't no way I'm about to lick some twat that hangs around in after-hour joints. I sure was tempted though because is sure looked and smelled good. Members will see what I'm talking about with the wide open pussy shots and the asshole shots that I have inside. 

When the pictures were finished, I dropped her back off on the street where I found her. She was $50 richer and had a cold beer in her hand. After I dropped her off, she went straight into this big ass raggedy house where she said that they drink and play cards all day and night. She said she'll call me to take me drinking one day to the bars and to the after-hour joints. But I'm sure that if we go, I'll be the one buying all of the drinks. However, I doubt that I'll ever hear from this woman again unless I run into her in the streets. She's too deep in her world of drinking and partying with all the niggas to be remembering phone numbers.

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