Afro Flo

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Like I said last week, I was going to put up the pictures of "Afro Flo" this week. I shot these pictures the same day that I shot the video but since I like to alternate pictures and videos on this site to satisfy all of my customers, I put her video up first. So for the people who don't have superfast internet connections and love pictures, here's some for you. I'll never give up on the true amateur photography of black women so you paying members have nothing to worry about. Sometimes you can't jack off to a video due to extenuating circumstances like your wife being around...But with a picture, you can just look at it momentarily, close your eyes, and use your IMAGINATION to have a wonderful jackoff session. I do it all the time myself. I personally think that a masturbation session that is fueled by pictures and your imagination can be even more intense than if you're watching a video of a girl sucking on some dick.

So here she is, surgery scars, stretchmarks and all. I know that a lot of y'all like these REAL women with flaws. It's the kind of woman that any of y'all could get out there in the ghettoes of your city.....She told me that she didn't really want her face to be shown but I figure that none of y'all know this woman anyway. Even the people in my city probably don't know her so fuck it. Enjoy her phat ass bent over and her wide open pussy....This is what life for me is all about....Finding pussy and getting it spread for the camera.  This website is a passion for me so be sure to bookmark this site and keep coming back for years to come.

It seems like my babymomma is starting to flip out a little again on me but it's alright. She has the audacity to try to say that I'm not taking care of my kids financially but yet she can't provide even ONE example of it. It's fucked up when you have children by a woman who won't hesitate to lie on you and try to destroy you if given the chance but oh well. That's why I'm DIVORCED and I never have to share a roof with her again...That woman sucks the life out of you...For real. I feel sorry for any other man that she is able to fool into settling down because that nigga is gonna be HURTIN when he realizes what he got himself into. I swear to God, living with that woman is like living in the Twilight Zone. It makes NO fucking sense and has no logic. It's just bullshit and chaos caused by a woman who is starved for attention, no matter how negative it may be....Sad.

And she can say I'm lying on her all she wants. And I don't care what lawyer reads this and prints it out because it doesn't mean SHIT....I challenge ANYBODY who may represent her in the future to come up with even ONE lie that I made and they'll be feeling like an asshole when they can't find anything.

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