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As I promised last week, here are the naked pictures of "Bonita's" mama getting naked and showing her big hanging titties and bending over and spreading that phat smooth ass of hers and of course, spreading that nice old black pussy.  Bonita's mama is 50 years old and when Bonita told me that her mama wanted to get naked, I was all for it. I LOVE it when a girl's mama wants to get naked. In fact, this is the second mother/daughter team that I have on this website.

I went over to the same projects that I shot bonita's pictures and video to meet her mama the other day.  When I was driving up to the buildings, I saw this woman with some big titties pushing this little girl on the swings...From far away and with clothes on, I thought that it was just another single mom playing with her kid outside.....All I knew was that the woman was sexy and I almost blew my horn at her when I drove by but chose not to....I was just going to park my car and then walk over to her and say hello on my way to Bonita's apartment.  But once I parked and got out of the car, she stopped playing with the girl and walked off.  I figured that it was just another lost opportunity and I just said "fuck it" and started walking to Bonita's apartment. 

But there was something about the little girl that was with the woman that looked familiar....She had a lot of colored berretts in her hair and looking at the back of the childs head, she kind of looked like the girl that Bonita showed me in pictures as her daughter...So as I was walking to the apartment, the woman and this child were going in the same direction...Then the woman and the child walked into the same apartment that I was going to and then I knew that she had to be Bonita's mama and the little girl was Bonita's daughter...Once I got in the apartment, I introduced myself to the mama while Bonita took her daughter to her neighbor's house to be watched while we did our business.....Let me repeat that....Bonita took her daughter to her NEIGHBOR'S house to be watched so don't go getting ideas that a child was in the home while women are getting naked for films because some of you illiterate muthafuckas can't read worth a shit and will jump to conclusions and try to accuse the woman of something that she didn't even do...Dumbasses....

Anyway, me and her mama sat in the kitchen to talk for a little bit so that she could get comfortable with me.....I had brought some weed so we rolled up a blunt and I had also brought some Bacardi Rum and part of a Colt 45 forty ounce that I was drinking the day before....Eventually, me, Bonita, and Bonita's mama were all in the kitchen smoking and drinking and talking...It turns out that her mama is real cool and she has a nice body for her age and I was definitely attracted to her and I couldn't wait to get her upstairs and see what her naked body looked like...

So after we got our buzz on, Bonita waited downstairs while me and her mama went upstairs to take these pictures...When she took off her shirt and her bra and those big titties flopped out, my mouth started to water because I knew that I was definitely going to enjoy this photoshoot.....And yes, her titties were nice but when I told her to get doggystyle on the bed and put her face down and ass up, when I saw her Ass, I was like Whooooweeee! I was in love!.....She had a nice smooth skin brown ass with a nice shape to it and the ass spread BEAUTIFULLY when she got in that doggystyle position....Her asshole was nice and clean and so was her pussy.  I almost bent down to kiss one of her asscheeks while I was taking those shots but I decided not to....But I sure touched and rubbed and squeezed on her ass and it surely felt nice.

She was a little nervous about getting naked in front of me at first but as always, by the end of the photoshoot, she told me how she had a good time and how quickly the time went....Then I said that it was too bad that I met her daughter first because I'd love to get up in that ass...I then asked her if she had my number and she told me that her daughter didn't want her to have it so I just wrote down my number and gave it to her and told her to call me and we could hang out and all of that but it didn't mean that I was trying to disrespect her daughter and she was cool with it......So right before she put her clothes back on, I had to cup one of her beautiful breasts in my hand and suckle on her nipple...Ummm ummm how good old lady titty tastes!...I should have just gone ahead and tried to get some sex from her cause I know her pussy has to be the bomb..

After the photoshoot, I went downstairs while the mama finished getting dressed and I was ready to go home....When I got downstairs, I saw bonita standing by the back door so I went up to her, gave her a nice slap on her ass and gave her a kiss goodbye...Her daughter is sexy to me and so is the mama. It seems that sex appeal runs in her family.


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