50 cent and change

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Rain, Heat, Sleet, or Snow, I'll ALWAYS be able to find a woman to get naked!  And this update is an example of that.....Our area of the country was hit with a bad snowstorm and it's fucked up outside and freezing. I was up in my warm comfortable home and I didn't want to go outside but I knew that I had to find some pussy to put up for this week. So I went outside and warmed up the car and got ready to go. I was supposed to take some pictures of another woman that I met but she didn't answer the phone. So instead of paying that woman $70 for some pictures, I figured that I should just hit the streets and find a woman to get naked for my usual street rate of $20. Why not save myself $50 when the women on the streets will do just as good?

Like I said it was very messed up outside and I didn't see any women around the usual spots where the hookers hang out at. I drove all over and I didn't see anybody for a good fifteen minutes. But then, I saw Fifty Cent walking down the street. Since most people don't shovel their sidewalks in my neighborhood, including myself, the people have to walk in the streets to avoid the snow. I call this woman "Fifty Cent & Change" because she's in her Fifties but she still has an ass and some decent titties on her. She has five kids and they're all long grown. This woman isn't a crackhead and she wouldn't have even been on the streets if all of the cars in her family hadn't broken down. When she first got in the car, she asked me if I could go give her daughter's car a jumpstart and I wasn't with it. I don't like standing out in the snow trying to nigga-rig somebody else's car. If their battery goes dead, they need to have an AAA card like I do....She said that at 1:30, her car broke down and at 1:38, her man's car broke down and then her daughter's car wouldn't start because it was so cold outside.

I wasn't about to help her daughter out but I would help her out with $20 if she was willing to come to my house and get naked for me real quick. She needed the money so she came through and I got the upclose asshole and pussy shots. She still has some good lookin pussy on her even after popping out five kids. She has some nice soft pretty squeezable titties and some thick thighs and a shapely ass on her. I could only imagine what her grown daughter looked like. I KNOW that she has to have a body on her.....The woman was in a hurry because her daughter was waiting on her and she had no idea that her mom was spreading her cheeks in some niggas house up the street so we did our quick photoshoot and I took her back to where she came from.

So Click Here To Join to enjoy the all of the pictures and videos that awaits you in the members area....She seems to be a nice pleasant older woman and I'm sure that her man enjoys having her around....Her full face can be seen in the members area. I just didn't want to post them on the main site because I told her that I would blur out her face. But rest assured that members will see everything. I think that all of us should be thankful for being able to see this older lady's body naked. The older women are exquisite, especially if they've taken care of themselves. And this woman has a pretty face also and I wouldn't mind banging this old brawd any day of the week.....You'll be hard pressed to find a website that shows so many different kinds of black women in one place. I just showcased a beautiful young tender girl a couple of weeks ago named "Money"...But these older women have the experience and intelligence that those young girls don't have....I hope that the members enjoy the artistic expression of these photographs as much as I did.

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