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This 48 year old woman is another result of me running the streets looking for something to get into...Once again I was driving around on a Sunday afternoon but the problem on this day was that it was raining outside all day....Even though the previous day was a beautiful day and there were plenty of women walking around, I decided to push my luck and wait until Sunday to find a woman and that's how I fucked up because when it's raining, even the women around the streets become scarce and only the most needy are out and about....I saw a few hoes walking around with umbrellas but they weren't "working" and I couldn't pick them up.

So after driving around for awhile and seeing nothing, I drive through some projects and near the projects is a raggedy ass park that doesn't even have any grass. It's all dirt and rocks and it is sometimes frequented by people with vans who go there to turn a trick with the women..When it's a good day, it's almost like drive up service...You can even WALK up there because some of the women already have a van to take you to and get your nut off.

As I drive by this park, I see Sammie sitting under a tree with two raggedy looking men...It's still raining a little so they gotta sit under the tree to stay out of the rain...When I see Sammie the first time, I decide to pass her up and look for something else and if all else failed, I would just head back to the park..Well, obviously all else DID fail because you're looking at Sammie right now....She was kind of thin for my taste but I said fuck it because one of my best selling girls of all time was a thin girl named "Raisin Titty Rita"....When I go back to the park, she had already started to walk down the sidewalk towards the cornerstore so it was easy to pull over and get her in the car...

Like I said before, this woman is 48 years old and for her age, she had a nice pretty looking tight pussy and asshole on her..A lot of the skinny women have little cute pussies and members will see what I'm talking about...So if you're out there and you like older women that are skinny, Sammie is for you....The reason that I call her Sammie is because she kind of reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr. except that she's a woman of course and she's lighter skinned than Sammy Davis was...

So Click Here To Join to see the upclose pictures of her pussy and asshole....After I took the pictures, I decided to offer her the "upsell" of 20 extra dollars to give me some head on video and I might put that up next time but I haven't decided yet because I shot yet another blowjob video last night so I have two videos that are still in my video camera that I haven't edited yet..Either way, the next update will be a blowjob video and I must say that Sammie has learned how to suck a good dick over her years of experience, (plus she swallows), so be sure to check out her pictures and all of the other videos that I have shot and I'll see y'all next time with another ghetto black pussy having woman sucking on my dick and taking nut in the face or in her mouth...Also be sure to check out my audio talkshow blog at MrNoGood.com

Peace out. 

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