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Wed July 23. "Hamhock" brings me that warm wet mouth action!

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I haven't updated this website in a long time and I don't want it to die. So I PROMISE that I will start shooting more videos for this website so thanks to all of you that have hung in there with me. I've been low on cash recently and haven't had extra to spend on any females but I just got some extra cash and instead of buying some weed, I decided to give it to a female and get my dick sucked. So here is "Hamhock" coming back to give me my second blowjob since the last one she gave me felt so good! The days of showing girls faces on the main page is over but as usual you can see everything in the members area.

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"WhoDat" returns to suck and swallow all of me!

Thank God I'm back!...The weather has broken and I just got a new job so I'll be out of the house more and finding even more hoes for the website. I have couple more already lined up. I just gotta get to them...I've seen this woman out and about before but I recognize all of the old hoes nowadays. I can't remember if I've shot her or not...And since a lot of these girls now require that their face be covered, I can't recognize the hoes in the videos.

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"Isis" returns to suck and swallow all of me!

I'm gonna keep it real with you. I can't put any screencaps of this video up because too many people here in the city of Akron, Ohio could figure out who she is. Her hairstyle, fingernails, and even her bedspread can be recognizable to folks and I don't want to get any drama from her....All I can say is that I have much love for this woman and she has swallowed gallons of my cum over the years.....I don't care what you say....when you're busting nut after nut after nut with a woman in her mouth, pussy, and ass, you start to actually "love" the woman.....I'm highly attached to her and I don't want anything to happen to our relationship. Her pussy and dick sucking skills are too good to lose out on. 

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"Silver Bullet" a phat booty 50 y.o. dick sucking queen!

One night, I was heading towards the bar after work and I saw a woman on the east side strip with a phat ass in some tight pants...But I was just getting off of work, my balls were sticky, and I was headed to get me something to eat and drink. Plus it was dark outside....But the next day, I drove to that area to see if I could find some fresh meat as I have depleted the hoes in my usual hunting grounds. Her hair was all gray and it was short. That's why I called her the "silver bullet". Nowadays, women don't like their faces shown because like this woman, she has kids and she can't have her shit out there like that and I understand. That's why I keep my scarf with me for shit like this. When she took off her clothes, her skin was smooth as silk and she had a PHAT ass and a body like a 30 year old with no kids even though she was over 50 with kids.

We found a nice place to park and got in the back of the van. I had my poppers on me so once she got going, I took a couple of snorts and I was in heaven while I felt the wetness of her mouth on my dick. I nutted hard but could only get the first shot of nut in her mouth because she pulled back right after that....When we were done, she wanted to get some maverick cigarettes and a cheap lighter and since she was so nice, I just paid for that also as a tip. I like women that provide good customer service. I hope to see her again one day.

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"Smurfette" takes a load blown on her black titties!

To keep this short and sweet, this woman has been on this website before...I named her smurfette because she had just finished eating a popsicle from the Arab corner store and her tongue was blue when she sucked my dick.

I had a load that I needed to release so I was going to go drive by a dope house that I recently found out about and see if I could catch a hoe off the porch...But when I got on the street, I saw Smurfette walking in that direction so I grabbed the first female I saw.....I'll hit the dope house next time.

We parked and we got busy...She has a nice ass like last week plus she has some big titties....I hit my poppers and let my mind zone out....Then I blew a nice load on her tits as you can see.

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"Busybody" sucks me good while I snort Poppers!

It's a lot easier to find women and film them in my van during the fall simply because it's cooler....So when I leave the gym in the morning, I can just check the hunting strip to see what I can find....

On this particular day, I was horny as hell and needed to bust a fat nut...I saw "BusyBody" walking around and since I didn't feel like looking any further, I got her in my van....She has a great 28 year old body on her and she knows how to suck a dick well and can take it in her mouth so I can't complain....While I was taking her to a place to film her, I passed by another model standing on the porch named "babybird" and she was all cracked out and acting a fool and BusyBody said she wanted to fight that bitch....I ain't got time for ghetto squabbles, so I paid it no mind...However, I now know where I can find babybird at next time...It's some raggedy lookin crackhouse with a big porch on it...You can't miss it.

We parked and I already had my bottle of poppers out....she started sucking my dick and I took two big huffs of poppers and I was in heaven....

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I get high on poppers and nut in "Popsicles" Mouth!

Damn it's been a long time!....Well I'm back at it man. And soon, I will have a new van to shoot these girls in because my current van is falling apart...The air conditioning doesn't work anymore so if I want to shoot a female, I had better wait until it's cool outside...and now that it's fall and I'm in Ohio, that is a possibility....So you will be seeing more stuff put up...I also don't have that job that was fucking up my schedule anymore so I will have more time to go out and get my dick sucked.

Popsicle is one of my favorite females of recent times....She is a pretty girl, with a nice body, and her dick sucking skills are spectacular. Like I said before, I went to high school with this woman and I wanted her ever since....She had a boyfriend for awhile and slowed down a bit but that dumb ass fucked up....She was taking care of this nigga...He got to live with her for free while she went out and hustled up money every day. Then she came home and cooked for him, and I know the sex was awesome....But this nigga was STILL too lazy to wash some dishes and straighten up the house so she had to kick that fool to the curb....His loss....I wouldn't mind taking this woman home.

Anyway, Click Here To Join to see how she can suck a mean dick....I got high on some poppers and the blowjob felt awesome and I busted a huge nut in her mouth as you can see with the screenshot.

I will see y'all next week with whatever I can find out here. 



"Sapphire". 19 y.o. big butt hoodrat sucks great dick!

I found this woman one day when I was driving my taxi...she had on a regular shirt and loose khaki pants on....those are the outfits of middle and elementary schoolers and her face looked young from a distance so I just planned to keep driving....But then I saw her ASS sticking out the back of those pants and I knew that she wasn't as young as I thought....I had somewhere else to go so I kept driving anyway and dropped off something up the street to someone who left her food stamp card in my taxi earlier, then I sped back to the street I saw her walking down...

She was just about to turn the corner when I pulled up to her...Another car in front of me with a nigga in it also pulled up to her....She couldn't decide whose car to get in so she came up to my taxi first and gave me her phone number....I drove off and she got in the other dudes car......It turns out that not only is she of age which is 19, she also is a full blown working girl who is strictly about getting her money....Now this girls butt stuck out so far that I even had thoughts of saving this brawd at first...But once she let me know that she likes niggas who pay for it, I knew that wasn't happening....Luckily, I have this website so I can "pay for it", and still get my money back off of the deal by filming it...So that's what I did.

Her customer service skills are off the chain...She makes you feel completely comfortable and she makes sure that you enjoy your experience and wanting to come back for more...And that I will!....This time around, I really needed some head so I filmed that....Next time I see her, I want to fuck her...And the time after that, maybe I'll take some pics of her and include them as a double header with a video in a future update....But either way, I'm coming back!....

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"Biscotti". returns for some more Nigga Dick!

Hello folks....I'm back again with some more ghetto porn...This white girl was on here a few months ago and I'm just now seeing her again...And since I was in such a need to get my dick sucked, I jumped at the opportunity....And even though I'm blurring out these girls faces on the website, people that know them are still recognizing them...So there is nothing else I can do...Even if I post the back of their head, somebody will recognize them so fuck it. I'll blur or black out the eye area of their faces here in the public area and keep it pushing.....This website has gotten so popular with EVERYBODY in the hood, that it's now impossible to control what people see like back in the day....ALL of the men around here check out this website and also around the Globe....So you can definitely get "famous" by being on this website...

I parked in the parking lot of a local gym that I used to go to by the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop and got my swerve on.....I had taken a Cialis beforehand so I was nice and hard for the shoot...Also, since I was really horny and she can suck a good dick, it made for a good video that I'm proud to put out for you...And of course I busted my nut in her mouth.

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"Gremlin". returns after 8+ years to finally suck my dick!

I found this woman when I was on my way to the gym and then to work driving that punk ass taxi which makes no money....Well, on my way to the gym that morning, I saw this woman, Gremlin walking by the McDonalds which is right on one of my main hoe hunting strips that I have to pass on the way there. I haven't seen this woman in over 8 years and back then, she was skinny as a rail and was her usual black and ugly self.....I don't believe I've ever shot a video of this girl but I may be wrong since I've shot over 300 videos now.....Anyway, she has put some weight on her ass now and has a nice phat rump on her....

She took pics with me I know and I will include a link to her old set in the members section.....However, this time around, she needed to wear the scarf around her face because her nephew found her other pics....So now that everybody in the area knows about this website, they all feel the need to cover their faces.

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